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Lightning Recommends This TV

There's an official Final Fantasy XIII television set. Guess who makes it?


The slightly bizarre connection between Final Fantasy XIII and high definition television sets continues following the game's release.

Today, while browsing my local Bic for television sets that I can't possibly buy, I saw this:

It appears that Final Fantasy XIII has an official television set, and it's a Sony Bravia.

According to the text on the retail displays, Bravia Theater recreates FFXIII's world view with reality. Of note: the fine tuned video display, the impactful sound, and the ability to download "special contents."

Special contents? Apparently, by connecting the TV to the internet, you'll be able to make Final Fantasy XIII downloads, including an official high def settings guide. The content will be offered later this month.

Sony seems to be giving this tie-up a big push. The official Bravia page has a section just for FFXIII, complete with a guide to setting your Bravia for the optimal game experience.

Bravia seems like a solid choice for an official television. Of course, FFXIII will look good on other televisions too, as retailers like to point out:

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