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First Look: Tales of Graces "Suit" Costumes

Asbel, Hubert, and Malik get formal attire to go with Sophie's Hatsune Miku outfit.


Namco Bandai unveiled a set of "suit" styled costumes for Tales of Graces during the Tales series stage event at Jump Festa. Today, it provided a closer look at the DLC.

Set for release on the 23rd at 13:00 are a set of three outfits, one each for Asbel, Hubert, and Malik. The costumes are themed around formal attire of various form. Hubert and Malik's costumes are, respectively, butler and detective. Asbel's costume gives him a black suit and eye patch (I'm not sure if there's a proper name for this).

As with other Graces costumes, these latest outfits will appear both in cut scenes and battle.

Each costume will sell for 400 WiiPoints.

As previously announced, the 23rd will also see a Hatsune Miku outfit for heroine Sophie.

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