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Tetsuya Nomura's New Years Greeting

Recent Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep PV featured Secret Movie sequences.


Square Enix super producer Tetsuya Nomura was working away straight through the end of the year. On the 30th, the director of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep shared a New Years message at the game's official blog.

In the message, Nomura says he was told by Square Enix's PR division that since the official site had recently uploaded a promotional video, he should write a blog post.

The promotional video in question had debuted at Jump Festa the weekend prior. You can see it YouTubed here:

As I detailed in my Jump Festa report, this trailer is event scene-heavy. And not just events from the game, it appears. In the blog post, Nomura reveals that some of the sequences from the trailer are pulled from the Secret Movie that some players will be able to unlock in BbS.

Nomura previously shared a few bits on the Secret Movie in pre-Christmas interviews. This latest Secret Movie will take the form of a 10 minute event scene. This is different from past Secret Movies, which were set up as a CG preview of the possible shape of upcoming KH games.

Nomura finishes his New Years greeting with "I believe we've made an interesting game that's packed with a variety of elements. Try inviting your friends over in advance right now for ad-hoc play."

He also expects to be called upon by the PR staff for some final blog comments when BbS hits, so perhaps we'll get some post-release insights later this week.

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