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Dengeki Asks the Only Important Question About Lost Planet 2

Producer Jun Takeuchi details upcoming super sequel.

Lost Planet 2 will likely be one of Capcom's biggest hits for early 2010.

Capcom has been providing periodic updates on Lost Planet 2 over the past few months, providing looks at massive boss creatures such as Gordiant, Akrid X and Red Eye. But it's thanks to Dengeki PlayStation that we now have the only piece of information that counts.

In its latest issue, Dengeki asked Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi if the game will include customized clothing that exposes lots of skin on the game's female characters. Responded Takeuchi, "We're of course readying customization parts for the ladies. Considering the rising temperatures, it's likely that there will be parts that show off a lot."

Takeuchi also shared more general details on customization. Players will be able to customize the look of their characters in four areas: face, body, leg and backpack. Each area has dozens of parts. Additionally, you'll be able to set weapons and reactions.

Much of the Dengeki interview had mostly vague hints of what's to come. The magazine asked if transformable Vital Suits, similar to those of the first game, will appear in the game. Takeuchi would only respond that they're readying a variety of new Vital Suits, details about which will be shared in a future update. The magazine also asked if Wayne, the main character from the original, would make an appearance. Takeuchi suggested that players play the game to find out for themselves.

Dengeki also asked about the text that can be seen in various screens and trailers released so far. The characters are used by the snow pirates, said Takeuchi. Everything has an actual meaning, and if you translate the characters, you'll be able to understand them.

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