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The Stages That Didn't Make it Into Super Street Fighter IV

The Super SFIV official blog takes up stage creation in the first post of the new year.


How would you like to pit Ryu against Ken atop a moving train? Or maybe Chun-Li versus Guile in a mansion so old it looks like ghosts might appear?

These are just two of the stage ideas that failed to make the cut in Super Street Fighter IV.

It's Tuesday, and that means time for an update at the Super SFIV blog. The first update of the new year offers a look at the game's stages, including a peak at the ideas that didn't make the cut.

Included in the blog's media is this piece of artwork:

This is one of the stages that didn't make it in. Originally conceived for Street Fighter EX, the stage is set in an underground Shadaloo liquor production facility in Scotland. The fight is held in front of people having a party in the facility at night. In the last round, the door in the distance opens up and the police storm in shouting "It's the police."

According to battle director Shinya Tsukamoto, this stage lost out to the Africa stage (often referred to at the blog as the Savannah Stage).

Elsewhere in the interview, Tsukamoto revealed that the team had wanted to give each character their own stage, something that's apparently wanted by fans. "Various circumstances" prevented this from happening, but the staff would still like to try this if given the chance.

Art director Toshiyuki Kamei revealed that the very first stage made for the game was the India stage. For this stage, he said, a giant elephant was a requirement. "If there's no elephant, there's no India stage," said designer Emiko Kawasaki.

The India stage is something the team had wanted to implement since the original SFIV. At the time, they considered the surroundings of the Ganges River and a battle ground in front of a tree.

The Africa stage also went through a few changes. There were a couple of ideas, one of an animal kingdom featuring hippos and one of a sunset. Upon seeing the two concepts, producer Yoshinori Ono suggested combining the two, leading to the stage in its current form.

There's a whole lot more in the post for those who are interested in Super's stage creation process. I'm sure the Street Fighter community will provide a full translation or summary lighting quick, so be on the lookout!

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