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Gran Turismo 5 Dated at Online Retailer

Long awaited sequel set for late March.

Can't wait until March? A GT5 demo is currently available for download.

Sony gave Gran Tursimo 5 a general March release time frame at the Tokyo Game Show late last year. Now, thanks to an online retailer, we may at long last have a more specific date.

Geo E-Shop started pre-orders for the game today. The shop's listing flags the game with a March 25 date.

Until Sony makes an official announcement, there's no way of telling if the listing is accurate or not. Of course, this wouldn't be the first time an online retailer has leaked a date for a major release. In fact, the timing of the leak coincides nicely with leaked dates from other retailers for a Demon's Souls budget release and a twin pack combining the first two Uncharted games. These are both from Sony as well.

The Geo E-Shop listing has a small description of GT5, promising over 950 cars, courses numbering over 20 locations and 70 variations, vehicle damage, and the ability to carry over data from the PSP.

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