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God of War 3 Dated at Online Retailer

Much anticipated PS3 sequel to be offered as bundle with first two GoW games.

Kratos is not pleased with this leak.

God of War Collection not enough for you? Then how about God of War Trilogy?

Online retailer Geos E Shop posted a listing for God of War Trilogy today. Set for release on March 25, the trilogy combines God of War 3 with God of War Collection. The retailer does not provide a price.

For those who already have the first two GoW games, Sony will also be offering God of War 3 on its own of course. Geos E Shop also has a listing for that. Set for release on March 25, GoW3 will include a "Kratos Skin" download product code as a pre-order bonus.

Sony hasn't formally announced a final release date for GoW3 here in Japan yet (or elsewhere in the world as far as I know), but these dates appear to be part of a regular release schedule update at the retailer, so they're probably correct. Expect an official announcement over the next few days.

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