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Super Street Fighter IV -- Ultra Combos and Costumes

The latest from Famitsu.

With the new costumes being unveiled in Famitsu, let's hope this week's Super SFIV blog update contains lots of media. The above is an older shot.

The latest Super Street Fighter IV update in Famitsu contains a few new bits and pieces on the Spring fighting update.

First and foremost is a look at the game's new ultra combos. Each character has two ultra combos, selectable from the character select screen. Ryu, for instance, has the Metsu Hadouken from the first SFIV as his first ultra combo, and Metsu Shoryuken as his second ultra combo. Cammy's second ultra combo is CQC (Cammy Quick Combination). El Fuerte's is El Fuerte Ultra Spark. Viper's is Burning Dance.

The magazine also offers a first glimpse at some of the new costumes that will appear in Super. Screens show Cody in a white tank top and blue jeans, resembling his Final Fight form closely. In addition, costumes for Ken, E.Honda, El Fuerte, Fei Long, Chun-Li, Zangief, Dee Jay, Dhalsim and Rose are all shown.

All characters will have new costumes, the magazine confirms. Additionally, the magazine confirms that you'll be able to use all the costumes that you purchased for the original. The wording in the magazine suggests that there'll be no need for redownloading.

Finally, just one little bit about arcade mode. As with the original SFIV, when playing arcade mode, you'll see an event scene featuring your rival character when you reach stage 7. The new characters also have rivals. Cody's rival, for instance, is Guy. Juri's rival appears to be Chun-Li.

You can see many of the new features from Famitsu in Capcom's new CES trailer:

We can probably (hopefully?) expect additional details on these areas at the Super SFIV blog today.

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