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Valkyria Chronicles 2 Links up with PS3 Version

Keep that save file if you'd like to access Isara in the PSP sequel.


Hold on to that Valkyria Chronicles save file! Sega announced today that the PSP sequel will be linking up with the PS3 original for some special bonus content.

Players who have save data from the original Valkyria Chronicles on their Memory Stick will be able to make use of Isara, little sister to the original's main character. The character will also be accessible for all via a password that will be shared in a future update at the Valkyria 2 official site, but those with the save data will have an early start.

Screenshots shared by Sega today also show the original's Faldio Landzaat and Maximilian. These two will appear as guest characters. Passwords for accessing them will be shared at the official site on, respectively, February 4 and February 18.

Isara will also be accessible via

Valkyria Chronicles 2 hits the PSP on January 21.

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