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3D Dot Game Heroes DLC Dated

Two paid content packs on the way for this month.


From Software's 3D Dot Game Heroes download content didn't quite make its December 25 release. But the wait won't be too long. From updated the game's Makers Voice blog today with a final release date.

The first DLC Pack will now arrive on January 14. As previously announced, the first pack includes ten block defense stages and ten pieces of character data. Pricing is set at ¥250.

DLC Pack 2, originally scheduled for January 8, will now ship some time this month. Priced at ¥100, it includes 15 pieces of character data.

Those who were waiting for the functionality updates promised with the DLC should no longer be waiting. The update, which adds HDD install and a loading screen viewer, was made available at no charge on the 29th.

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