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Super Street Fighter IV Nearing Completion

Producer Yoshinori Ono expects to be able to finalize a release date shortly.

Ono (center, back) at last year's national Street Fighter IV tournament.

Good news, world warriors. Super Street Fighter IV is nearing completion. Producer Yoshinori Ono said so himself in a blog post at Famitsu.com.

What Ono actually said is that development is about to enter its landing approach (using a flight analogy). The game looks like it will make its promised Spring release, he said. He even expects to be able to set a final release date soon.

As he wrote this blog entry, Ono was getting ready for a trip to Taiwan in order to attend an event to commemorate the start of service for Monster Hunter Frontier there.

After Taiwan, he'll be heading off directly (without even stopping off in Japan) to America. Apparently, word got out at Capcom USA that Ono had showed off a Super SFIV ROM at Famitsu's December 18 Midnight Live 360 online event, and he was told to take the ROM on a tour of American media outlets for presentations.

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