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Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition Site Update

Get a closer look at Office Lady Sheva and Desperate Escape. Plus, Capcom encourages multiplatform Resident Evil purchases.


Capcom gave the Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition official site a huge update today. All the info at the site was announced before the break, but now we have a close look at everything.

The Desperate Escape section of the site now has lots of screens showing Jill and Josh in forbidden interracial zombie hunting.

In case you haven't been keeping up, Desperate Escape is the name for the second additional scenario, counterpart to Lost in Nightmares. Josh has come to rescue Jill, and the two must escape from a Tricell facility.

The Costume section of the site has a closer look at Chris's Exoskeleton costume and Sheva's Office Lady costume.

The 2channel pantsu alert is sounding!

In the Mercenaries Reunion section of the site, you'll find video clips of the updated Mercenaries mode being played as Exoskeleton Chris and Office Lady Sheva.

I Believe this is new as well. The site's Topics section has details on a Biohazard W Purchase Campaign. Buy Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles for Wii (due on 1/14) and either Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition for PS3 or the Platinum Collection version of Resident Evil 5 for Xbox 360 (both due on 2/18), and you'll be entered into a drawing for some fabulous prizes.

I'm taking Capcom's word on the prizes being fabulous, as they haven't actually announced what the prizes are.

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