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Let's Review Mega Man 10's Story

Professor Wily and Mega Man must team up to fight Robotenza!


Here's what's going on in all those Mega Man 10 story screenshots Capcom shared last week. These are my own translations, and I haven't played Mega Man in English in ages, so they probably don't match up with the tone Capcom USA will take with the game.

Roll: Professor... I think I have... a cold.

Dr. Light: This is a powerful virus that infects only robots. Everyone, be careful!

Infected robots have run amok, destroyed the town and taken over the various areas.

Dr. Wily: I was attacked by the mad robots and am as you see.

Dr. Wily: At last, I've learned how to make the robot vaccine that's needed for a cure.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily, I will get back the machine that's needed for making the vaccine, so please help Roll and the others!

To recap, in the year 20XX (not "200X," as I wrote earlier), Robotenza (Robot Influenza) has spread throughout the world, infecting even Mega Man's sister Roll. One month after the outbreak, robots run amok through and occupy various areas of the city. Dr. Wily comes to Dr. Light stating that he's learned how to make the necessary robot vaccine, but the machine needed for its creation has been taken by infected robots. Mega Man heads off to get back the machine.

In addition to the story, Capcom shared sweet sprite art for Mega Man 10's primary cast: Dr. Light, Roll, Rightot (Auto), Rush, Beat, and Dr. Wily.

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