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New Pokemon Ranger Announced

Team up with Pokemon once again, this time on an island with a Ukulele Pichu!


Coro Coro Comics has the first word on the next installment in the Pokemon Ranger series.

Following 2006's Pokemon Ranger and 2008's Pokemon Ranger Batonage, DS owners can look forward to Pokemon Ranger Hikari no Kiski (Path of Light). The game will take place in the region of Oblivia, where it is said many ruins rest.

Similar to Batonage, you're free to select between a male and female main character at the start of the game. The character you don't select becomes your partner character. Your party is dispatched from Ranger headquarters to the game's island location.

And island location apparently means you'll encounter some new island-style Pokemon. Coro Coro confirms the presence of a Ukulele Pichu, a Pichu that has a Ukulele.

You make use of your Capture Styler device to capture Pokemon. The device has been updated for Path of Light to include a new "Ranger Sign" feature. You can sign the screen to call out Pokemon for support. For instance, call out Suicune with your Ranger Sign, and you'll be able to run about on the surface of water.

You can also make enlist the help of Pokemon when capturing other Pokemon. This is called a Poke Assist. You have to use an appropriate assist depending on the Pokemon at hand. Once attacked, your assist Pokemon will flee the scene.

The game includes multiplayer support, with four player cooperative play and special cooperative-only missions.

Wi-Fi support will give players access to special mission downloads. There will initially be one particular mission that lets you obtain Deoxys. You'll be able to carry Deoxys over to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

This new Pokemon Ranger hits on March 6. Nintendo will be offering a demo of the game at Nintendo Zone and DS Station on January 29.

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