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Date Set for 3D Dot Game Heroes DLC Round 2

More character data on the way next week.

So what exactly is included in the data pack, and will it be as sweet as the President?

If you're waiting with bated breath for more 3D Dot Game Heroes download content, sit down and breath normally for gods sake! And, here's some news that might interest you. From Software updated the makers voice section of the game's official site with a final release date of January 18 for the game's second DLC pack.

As previously detailed, the second pack includes 15 pieces of character data. All those pixel masses can be yours for a mere ¥100.

If you really can't wait for 3D Dot Game Heroes DLC, you should note that the first piece of DLC will arrive today as scheduled. Priced at ¥250, this includes 10 stages for the game's Block Defense mini game and 10 pieces of character data.

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