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This is how you make the packaging for a DS game that includes a Famicom game

Plus, interesting stats about balls.


Were you wondering what a box looks like for a DS game that includes a Famicom game? You're not alone. I get at least 35 e-mails a day about this very question.

Namco Bandai provided the answer today. And here it is:

That's the box for Dragon Ball DS2, a DS title that will probably be known in the West as Dragon Ball Origins 2.

One of the neat bonuses for this game is that it includes the classic Famicom title Dragon Ball: Shen-Long no Nazo. That game's cartridge looked like this:

And its screenshots looked like this:

Namco Bandai distributed all this media to the press today, which is why I'm passing it along. Unfortunately, the media update included no actual new screens of Dragon Ball Origins 2. This week's Famitsu has some shots of playable Bulma, Yamcha, Krillin and Hacchan as well as the new Survival Tower mode. You can read the details here. Perhaps screenshots will follow at Famitsu.com later this week.

I have no idea what Dragon Ball: Shen-Long no Nazo is about, how it relates to Dragon Ball Origins 2, and how Capcom and EGM feel about Ryu's master appearing in a Dragon Ball game -- complete with his name misspelled.

But hey, did you know that the word "Ball" was the most frequently used word in Famiciom game names? This is something that can presumably be attributed to the release of 8 Dragon Ball games for the system. Read more here.

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