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Sony Readying 250 Gigabyte PS3

More space, without having to explain why your PS3 has pink highlights.


Sony will be giving PlayStation 3 buyers the option for some extra hard disc space as it releases a 250 gigabyte version of the system shortly.

Announced today, the 250 gigabyte PS3 will be released in in limited quantities on February 18. Pricing is set at ¥34,980, or ¥5,000 more than the current 120 gigabyte system.

Previously, the only way for PS3 buyers to obtain a 250 gigabyte system here in Japan was through the Final Fantasy XIII "Lightning" bundle. That version of the system was white and featured a pink illustration of FFXIII main character Lightning. The new solo 250 gigabyte system will have the same black color of the current standard 120 gigabyte system.

The timing for this announcement coincides with Sony's announcement of the "Torne" kit that converts the PS3 into a digital video recorder. Sony will be bundling the kit with the 250 gigabyte PS3 when the kit is released in March. Pricing for the bundle is set at ¥42,800.

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