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Team Valkyria Chronicles Talks DLC

Future missions to be offered as paid content.

Scene from Valkyria Chronicles 2.

Just a few days prior to release, Impress Watch has posted an interview with key personal from the Valkyria Chronicles 2 staff, including chief producer Shuntaro Tanaka, producer Shinji Motoyama, and director Takeshi Ozawa.

The interview kicked off with that same old question about why the sequel is appearing on the PSP instead of the original's PS3. Tanaka gave the same old answer, about wanting to expand the Valkyria name to new users. He also added that the PS3 version tried many new things, like the Canvas rendering system and the Blitz battle system. Valkyria 2, likewise, tries new game systems such as wireless play, allowing the game to advance further.

Motoyama spoke a bit about download content. Recently, Sega detailed the first couple of months of download missions for the game. Aside from an initial set of free missions, most of the download missions cost ¥100 a piece. Paid missions will be the norm, according to Motoyama.

Other download content includes passwords for tank stickers and guest characters. The guest characters include familiar characters as well as characters of a different variety, explained Motoyama. For the stickers, he said to expect a variety of collaborations. The currently announced stickers are all based around various Sega game properties.

For those who can read Japanese, there's a whole lot more in the full Impress Watch interview.

Dengeki Online also posted its own interview late last week. In this interview, Tanaka and Motoyama were asked about future development plans for the series.

Regarding a sequel, Tanaka said "If possible, we don't want to set the platform. We like to consider all possible options. Of course, we want to do it on PS3. But we also want to do it on PSP." Decisions about future titles will be made based off fan feedback, said Tanaka.

Tanaka also fielded a question about the possibility of an anime or manga conversion for Valkyria 2, similar to the developments Sega made for the original Valkyria. While noting that the series received many fans from these non-gaming branches, Tanaka would only admit that he has the desire to expand the game, stating that it's a secret if they're actually moving forward with plans.

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