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Tatsunoko VS Capcom Shooter Up Close

Moves for all four playable characters detailed.


Capcom provided a first glimpse at its surprise Tatsunoko VS Capcom bonus shooter mini game last week. Today, we have a closer look through a new promotional trailer.

You can stream the video here:


This new trailer provides details on the four playable characters:

His Hadouken blasts through enemies and obstacles. His High Side Kick turns enemies into bullets which strike other enemies. His Vacuum Tornado Whirlwind Kick special strikes enemies for major damage.
Ken the Eagle
His Birdrang does damage to enemies on both paths of its trip. His "Hane Shuriken" freezes enemies temporarily. He also has his Kagaku Ninpou Hinotori super.
His Gatling Gun performs super fast consecutive shots. His shot gun has a wide attack range. His rocket launcher sends out heat seeking missiles.
Tekkaman Blade
His Lancer Thrust performs consecutive short range attacks. His Lancer slash clears away enemy bullets. His Voltekka move is a powerful blast.

As with other Tatsunoko mini games, this one is playable cooperatively by four players. According to the trailer, you'll be able to collect items to power up your character. The trailer also mentions that you'll get different stages based off how you progress.

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