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Toshihiro Nagoshi VS Fumihiko Sori

Yakuza guy versus Appleseed guy in a two hour dialogue later this month.

Sori (left) faces off against Nagoshi (right).

Toshihiro Nagoshi produced or directed Daytona USA, Super Monkey Ball, and Yakuza.

Fumihiko Sori directed 2002's Ping Pong and produced 2004's Appleseed.

These two creative forces will be chatting it up on the evening of January 29 as part of a special seminar for Digital Hollywood, a digital contents trade school.

The event is titled Fumihiko Sori X Toshihiro Nagoshi Top Creator Talk. Sori and Nagoshi will speak primarily about the making of their latest works. In Nagoshi's case, this is, of course, Yakuza 4, which is due for release on March 18.

Anyone is welcome to attend the two hour speech, which is being held at the Digital Hollywood Tokyo campus near Ochanomizu Station. However, the event hall has space for just 80. Those who are interested in attending should see the official event page about how to put their name down.

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