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W.L.O Swag Makes Inflatable Kasumi Pillow Look Respectable

Pocket tissues included!


Gamers were first told of 5pb's intentions to bring its love sim W.L.O. (World Love Organization) to the Xbox 360 via an informative piece of artwork in monthly gaming magazine Gemaga. The art looked a little something like this:

5pb. announced today plans for a raffle for the game to be held in Akihabara on the 30th (yes, tghis is three months before the game's April 29 release). The top prize is a tapestry depicting what may just be the opposite end of that image.

(Similar to the announcement image, the text here says "Xbox 360 Port Set.")

Only three lucky gamers will walk home the tapestry. But 5pb. will be giving everyone who participates special pocket tissues.

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