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Tom Create Unveils Latest DSi Ware Game

Touch Pen Wars has elements of tower defense.


Tom Create keeps on churning out the DSi Ware titles. The developer's fourth game, announced just today, is Uchimakure! Touch Pen Wars.

Your goal in Touch Pen Wars is to protect your main cannon from destruction until your army's reinforcements arrive. You'll have to defend against enemy army attack by positioning cannons, tanks and other units on the play field.

In addition to strategic placement, you're given direct control over where and when your units fire, giving the game an action component. It's possible to set off chain reactions of enemy destruction by striking special enemy units.

It looks like score junkies will have a lot to look forward to with Touch Pen Wars, as you can gain additional points by chaining attacks together. In addition to high score, the game keeps track of max chain count on a level-by-level basis.

Touch Pen Wars hits DSi Ware on February 10 at 200 DSi Points.

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