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After Burner Climax Set for XLA and PSN

Sega adds new "EX Options" for customized gameplay.


Yet another one of those worst kept secret contenders became official news today as Famitsu offered its readers a first look at a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of Afterburner Climax.

Climax hit arcades in 2006 as a rebirth of the classic After Burner franchise. The game retained the high speed arcade-style thrills of the old After Burner games, complete with a moving Deluxe cabinet, but updated the visuals to the then top-of-the-line Lindbergh standard. New gameplay features included "Climax Mode," which slows enemy motion, allowing players to destroy multiple enemies simultaneously.

Screens from the arcade version of After Burner Climax.

Based off Famitsu's brief preview about the game (this was of the magazine's mini previews) , it seems that Sega will be mimicking the arcade version, right down to the four selectable colors for your jet and the option for using After Burner II music.

New for the home are "EX Options." These allow you to tinker with various settings, making your ship invincible, switching on auto lock-on, and setting Climax Mode to infinite, for instance. The various options, which can be combined as you please, are unlocked by clearing certain currently unspecified conditions.

Look for After Burner Climax this Spring on PSN and XLA, priced respectively at ¥900 and 800 Microsoft Points.

(additional reporting by Ryan Winterhalter)

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