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Super Street Fighter IV Ultra Combo Update

Ultra Combo moves for the newcomers detailed in latest Famitsu.

A Zangief Ultra Combo move.

I predict an update at the Super Street Fighter IV official blog later this week. I am able to make this prediction not because of my special "Yoga" powers (we all have them -- it's true!), but because I have access to flying get Famitsu and was able to flying get a two page spread on the game this week.

New character reveals? New Online gameplay modes? Nope, none of that. The article is all about Ultra Combos. Different from the last update, which showed the new second Ultra Combo moves for past SFIV characters, this update covered the Ultra Combos for newcomer characters.

For the Street Fighter illiterate, Street Fighter IV gives you a Revenge Gauge which builds up as you incur damage. By depleting this gauge, you can make use of Ultra Combo moves which, in addition to looking nice and flashy, have the ability to turn the match around.

Super SFIV gives each character a second Ultra Combo move, up from the single move of the original. You select your preferred move prior to the start of battle at the character select screen.

Here are the approximate details based off the info in Famitsu. Please note in advance that I may have transcribed some of the names incorrectly, so wait until Capcom America shares final names before finalizing your tattoo or newborn's name.

Guy Ultra Combo I: Bushin Goraisenpujin
After beating down an opponent with punches and kicks, Guy kicks the opponent into the air then delivers a finishing Kaiten Izuna Otoshi move.
Guy Ultra Combo II: Bushin Muso Renge
Guy grabs a nearby opponent, then with swift speed pummels the opponent with consecutive attacks.
Cody Ultra Combo I: Final Destruction
A series of punches followed by a powerful Criminal Upper which sends his foes into the air.
Cody Ultra Combo II: Last Dread Dust
A long reaching attack which raises the sand, making Cody's foes lurch back. Cody then beats them with a wrench and finally launches them into the air with a pipe.
Adon Ultra Combo I: Jaguar Revolver
A series of Jaguar Kicks followed by launching the opponent into the air. Once the opponent has lost control of his own movements, Adon performs a powerful finishing attack.
Adon Ultra Combo II: Avalanche Jaguar
A series of combo attacks followed by kicks against a downed opponent. This can be used to counter an aerial attack.
Juri Ultra Combo I: Feng Shui Engine
Gives you ground-based chain combos, and can also cancel moves that could otherwise not be cancelled.
DeeJay Ultra Combo I: Sobat Festival
A series of acrobatic kicks through which DeeJay advances forward, finishing with a giant shock wave.
DeeJay Ultra Combo II: Climax Beat
After the initial Upper attack hits, this move continues to a two-handed Machine Gun Upper. This can be used against aerial attacks.
T.Hawk Ultra Combo I: Raging Typhoon
T.Hawk grabs an opponent, leaps into the air, smashes the opponent into the ground, then falls back down onto the opponent.
T.Hawk Ultra Combo II: Raging Slash
T.Hawk jumps and grabs an opponent in mid air, then smashes the opponent multiple times against the ground.

While I have a feeling Capcom Japan will update the official site with looks at these moves later this week, you can actually see many of them in motion in currently released videos if you look around.

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