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Etrian Odyssey III boxart will make you forget about that atrocious Heavy Rain boxart

Plus, details on the bonus soundtrack that doesn't include any actual music from the game.


Etrian Odyssey III may have been slapped (spanked even) recently with an ugly delay, but there's nothing ugly about one aspect of the game: its packaging.

Those bastards at Famitsu.com got an exclusive first look at the packaging yesterday. Today, Atlus provided the box art sample for the media at large, allowing you to see it without ugly Famitsu.com compression and logos.

Have a look here:

The artwork that you see on the box was drawn by character designer Yuji Himukai.

Joining its exclusive on the packaging from yesterday, Famitsu.com updated today with another Etrian Odyssey III exclusive. This time, the site got a first look at the game's bonus item, a soundtrack titled "Etrian Odyssey III Soundtrack Outtake."

The music you hear on this soundtrack isn't actually in the game. According to composer Yuzo Koshiro, the songs are "Classics that, for various reasons, could not be used in the game." You'll find six songs in all, ranging from dungeon to battle music.

Himukai provided the illustration for the CD's jacket and picture label. Additionally, the soundtrack includes bonus illustrations from monster designer Shin Nagasawa and a manga from Himukai.

Also shown in the Famitsu.com article is new artwork for the Princess, Phalanx, Pirate and Monk classes.

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