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First Look: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Special PSP

Konami shows off its two -- count 'em, two -- limited editions.


Details on Konami's Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker limited edition plans leaked out ahead of schedule yesterday. Today, Konami made a formal announcement, complete with media.

As detailed yesterday, Peace Walker will see two limited editions.

The less limited of the two is known as the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Premium Package. It includes a copy of the game, a PSP-3000 system, a cloth, a pouch and a strap. The PSP unit has special camoflauge coloring. Pricing for this set is 26,980.

The more limited of the two is the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Konami Style Special Limited Edition. This bundle includes everything from the Premium Package but substitutes real leather for the strap and case. It also includes a PSP stand with a serial number, a dog tag with serial number and name, and a booklet. Only 1974 units will be produced, for sale exclusively through the Konami Style e-commerce site. Pricing is set at ¥36,980.

All versions of Peace Walker arrive on March 18.

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