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Nintendo to Publish Digital Romance Novels

New digital novel software from Genius Sonority offers selection of titles from the Harlequin Series.


When Nintendo teams up with Genius Sonority, the resulting game often has a Pokemon or two in it. Not this time. At least we'd better hope not!

The latest title from Nintendo and Genius is Love Stories for Adults: DS Harlequin Selection, a collection of digital romance novels for the DS. A release is set for February 25 at ¥3,800.

Nintendo is teaming with publisher Harlequin to pack the program with 33 novels from the Harlequin Series. Included in the list are five titles that have never before seen release in Japanese print.

You can see a full list of titles at the official site. The titles span a variety of genres, including Passion, Tender, Suspense and Historical, and are rated on such levels as "pure love," "passion," "first love," and "thrill."

There's more to the reading experience here than just text. The program includes a character relation chart which is updated as you progress through the stories. You can also view summaries of what you've read so far, adjust font size, search through glossaries of terms and names, and even select background music to provide atmosphere. Once you're done with your reading, you can record your impression by simply selecting keywords, then read a column about the work.

For a look at the interface in action, see the official site.

The site has a logo indicating Wi-Fi Connection support. Perhaps buyers can look forward to additional stories once they've read through the included 33.

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