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Sony Shows off 3D at Tokyo Event

Sample 3D games on Sony's new 3D Bravia sets.


Sony recently kicked off a public demonstration of its upcoming 3D technology at one of its favorite showrooms, the Sony Building in Ginza.

Through the beginning of March, the world famous facility will be hosting Sony 3D World, an event that shows off 3D technology in movies, music, sports and games. The centerpiece of the event is, of course, Sony's upcoming 3D Bravia television sets.

Visitors can experience the following corners:

3D Video Principles
An instructive look at how 3D technology works.
3D Photography Experience
Visitors can sample Sony's 3D shooting system which is being used by publishers to create 3D content. This corner will run through February 7.
3D LCD Television (Bravia) Tech Display
Experience movies, documentaries and other content in high vision 3D.
3D Game Experience
Visitors can sample 3D games in advance.

For more details, see Sony's event page.

3D appears to be one of the big focuses for Sony Group as a whole this year. With regards to games in particular, the company has stated that PlayStation 3 owners will be able to make their systems fully compatible with 3D games through a firmware update. 3D games were shown in playable form through a 3D version of Wipeout at September's Tokyo Game Show.

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