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The One Person Who's Pleased About Etrian Odyssey III's Delay

Jaleco CEO invites RPG fan rage in recent e-mail.


Atlus recently announced a delay in the release of Etrian Odyssey III. The RPG sequel, originally scheduled for March 4, will now arrive on April 1.

If you're a big time RPG fan, you were probably disappointed by the delay. If you're the CEO of the company that's readying another DS RPG for late February release, however, you might have had a different reaction.

Jaleco just happens to be readying DS RPG Wizman's World for February 25 release. Which is presumably why Jaleco CEO Takayasu Kato (pictured to the right) wrote the following in an e-mail to My Game Flash blogger Jin:

"Thanks to your support, Mr. Jin, pre-orders for Wizman World have increased. With the delay of our biggest rival (ha-ha-ha) it appears that luck has come to Jaleco as well."

Ready to give a big FU to Mr. Kato? Not so fast!

On Monday, My Game Flash posted a report about Jaleco's stance on doujin games. The term "doujin game" is basically the Japanese equivalent for indie games.

Doujin game developers often use pre-existing characters, with or without the consent of original copyright holders. It appears that Kato has no problem with dojin developers using Jaleco's IPs. A couple of dojin developers have made blog posts indicating that they asked Kato for permission and received a quick yes. You can see examples of two titles in My Game Flash's report.

So, thumbs down to Kato for his stance on Etrian Odyssey III, but thumbs up for his stance on doujin games.

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