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More on the Metel Gear Solid Peace Walker Limited Edition

Plus, make sure you're up to date on the the latest Peace Walker products.


Konami provided an official look at its Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker limited edition hardware bundle last week. Since then, the Konami Style site has posted a listing for the product, giving us a closer look.

As detailed in the retail listing, the Peace Walker Konami Style Limited Edition includes the following:

The standard Peace Walker game package
This seems to be just the standard release without any special packaging.
Peace Walker original camouflage PSP unit
This limited edition system is model number PSP-3000XZC.
Peace Walker original camouflage cleaner cloth
A cleaner cloth that uses the same color scheme as the bundled PSP.
Peace Walker original leather pouch
This pouch has a snake pattern and game logo.
Peace Walker original leather strap
This is made of the same material as the pouch. The metal area includes the game's logo.
Peace Walker Original PSP Stand
A PSP stand that includes the Peace Walker logo and mark along with an original serial number.
Peace Walker Original Dog Tag
Includes the game's logo and a serial number on the front, and the "Militaires Sans Frontiers" battalion mark on the back. The sample images Konami handed out have the name "Hideo Kojima" on them. The actual product will be unmarked unless buyers request a name. Names can be up to 18 alphanumeric characters and must be requested by January 31. Phrases that are deemed indecent and against public order will not be accepted.
Peace Walker Original Booklet
This includes a variety of Peace Walker art. It's sized B5.

In addition to all the above goodies, buyers of the limited edition will get the same Militaires Sans Frontiers patch that all Konami Style buyers will get. This 6.8cm x 5.8cm patch can be ironed on to your clothes or bag.

At 36,980, the hardware bundle is a bit on the pricey side. There's also the problem that it's no ordinary limited edition. It's a "special" limited edition, with just 1974 units set for production.

Metal Gear Solid fans who are either on a budget or are unable to reserve the bundle can show their love via the following related products:

Peace Walker Accessory Kit
Priced at ¥2,680, this accessory set from Hori includes an original design soft pouch, a face cover with the Militaires Sans Frontiers logo, a cleaner strap with the Peace Walker logo, and a decoration sheet that can be used to decorate your PSP or any item of your choosing. The pouch can hold a PSP system and two UMDs. As a bonus item, Hori will be including a serial number which, when input into Peace Walker, will unlock an original character that's limited exclusively to accessory set buyers. This item hits on March 18. Note that the face cover will only work with 2000 and 3000 series PSPs that are using the standard battery pack.
Peace Walker Original Soundtrack
This one disc soundtrack is set for March 17 release at ¥2,940. Included are all of Peace Walker's in-game music along with Donna Burke's theme song, Heaven's Divide. Konami hasn't shared a final track count or list yet.
Heaven's Divide/Koi no Yokushiryoku
This ¥1,575 single includes Heaven's Divide and the series' first character song, Koi no Yokushiryoku (translates roughly to "Love Deterrent"). This hits on March 17.

And don't forget about that customizable Peace Walker strap that Konami announced months ago. The bonus item that will come with this still hasn't been announced.

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