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Date Set For Super Street Fighter IV

Capcom shares release information and unveils a must-have collectors package.


The big Super Street Fighter IV news arrived as scheduled today with the game's official blog making an unusual Tuesday post just for the announcement.

As expected, the big news ended up being release details for Super. Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game will arrive on April 28. Pricing is set at ¥4,990.

The pricing is somewhat of a big deal. The original SFIV cost ¥8,390, meaning a significantly lower cost of entry this time.

Despite the low price, Capcom is throwing in some bonuses for those who act fast. Buyers of the first print run will be able to download the "Super Classic Pack" costume pack for free. This includes the third arranged costumes for Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen and Fei Long.

The free costumes.

The costumes will also be released as a separate paid download on July 1. Aside form this date, Capcom did not share details on Super's DLC today.

Xbox 360 owners have some special content to look forward to just for themselves. Buyers of the 360 version will have access to an original animation that's centered around the Juri character. This animation was created by Gonzo and directed by Afro Samurai's Fuminori Kizaki.

Scene from the anime.
What happened to Chun-Li?

According to the blog, the anime offer is just for Japan. It's unclear if this means that only Japan will get the anime, or if it will be Xbox 360 exclusive only in Japan.

You can see a trailer for the anime, along with a new promotional clip for the game, at the official site. Both clips can also be streamed here:



Outside of the standard release, Capcom will be offering a Collectors Package that comes bundled with some irresistible goodies:

Character Sound Collection
A soundtrack CD with arranged theme songs for all the Super SFIV characters.
All PV Collection
A collection of all the promotional videos and trailers that were made for SFIV, and nearly all the promotional videos and trailers that were made for Super SFIV. In all, you 'll find around 30 clips.
Character Art Collection
Includes illustrations of all the characters, drawn in the new "Hatching Touch" style. You'll also find a Super SFIV mini story featuring new drawings.

Pricing for the Collectors Package is set at ¥5,990.

A must for collectors.

The blog also hints that there will be another special version of the game offered through the e-Capcom site. Capcom usually offers special e-Capcom versions for its major releases.

Gamers who want to sample Super SFIV in advance will be able to do so at the April 4 national arcade tournament finals in Tokyo. The game will make its Japanese playable debut there and will feature the full cast of characters.

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