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Monster Hunter Set for Xbox 360

PC massively multiplayer online Monster Hunter being brought to Microsoft console.


It's arguably Capcom's biggest domestic franchise. And now, Xbox 360 owners will be getting a version for themselves.

Capcom announced today an Xbox 360 version of Monster Hunter Frontier. The PC-based massively multiplayer online take on the Monster Hunter franchise will hit the 360 this summer.

The game will be sold as a package release. Pricing has yet to be announced.

Coinciding with today's announcement, Capcom opened a teaser site for the game. The site has a promotional trailer -- the first of many to come, it seems. You can stream it here:

The next update to the site is set for February 1.

Outside of the release information and movie, the site contains just two notable points about the game: players will be required to have an internet connection and a hard disk in order to play. These requirements shouldn't be too surprising for an MMO, of course.

Monster Hunter Frontier was apparently the main attraction at a joint press conference that MS and Capcom held today following a week of teasing. Although specifics on the 360 version aren't provided at the teaser site, Famitsu.com has some preliminary details based off what it heard at the press conference.

Screens from the 360 version of Monster Hunter Frontier Online.

According to the site, the 360 version of the game will use separate servers from the PC version. All players will start from hunter rank 1.

Pre-orders for the game will start in late February. There will be a closed beta test in mid May offering early sample of Season 8.5 (the "season" naming is what Monster Hunter uses for its versions).

The full release of the game and the start of service are scheduled for summer 2010.

Strangely, Capcom plans on beginning the game's open beta test immediately after the full release. The test will last two weeks and will be limited to those who've purchased they game. They'll be able to play the game for free.

After the free period, Capcom will begin charging a play fee. Players will be able to purchase a "Hunters Life Course" ticket which contains one month of play time and one month Xbox Live Gold Membership for ¥1,400. This means that even Silver Members will be able to play.

The game package will include a coupon for 30 free days play and some in-game bonus items.

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