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Capcom Making Dead Rising Movie

Keiji Inafune gets his directorial debut.


Capcom announced solid release dates for all of its major Xbox 360 titles at today's "Capcom Title Premiere For Xbox 360" press conference. Well, all but Dead Rising 2, that is. The highly anticipated zombie carnage sequel is still with a general 2010 release date.

You might think that Capcom slighted the title. Then you probably haven't heard about the movie.

No, not a movie of Dead Rising 2 gameplay. I'm talking about an actual Dead Rising movie.

Here's the poster that was distributed at the press conference

The title can be read "Shibyou Osen Dead Rising," or literally "Death Disease Contamination Dead Rising." ("Shibyou" is the Japanese name for the infection in the Dead Rising story that turns people into zombies. I'll update the name once I find the English version.)

Text at the top of the poster proclaims this to be Dead Rising producer Keiji Inafune's debut as a director.

The live action movie is set in an area of Japan that has been quarantined following the spread of the disease that turns everyone into zombies. The story follows brothers Shin and Jouji who must escape from a town full of zombies.

Inafune directed the the movie and also worked on the script along with Makoto Ikehara. The movie is being produced by Capcom and Digital Frontier.

Want to get a glimpse at what a Keiji Inafune produced movie looks like? Then visit the newly opened official site, which has a first trailer. The trailer states that the movie will offer the experience of a first person shooter.

You can also stream the trailer here:


A release on the web and "other locations" is set for 2010. Xbox 360 owners will get early access on Xbox Live.

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