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Capcom Details Dead Rising 2's Weapon System

Producer worried that violence level will lead to changes for Japanese version.


Dead Rising 2 producer Keiji Inafune brought out his Chuck Greene outfit for today's Capcom Title Premiere For Xbox 360 press conference. We previously saw Inafune sport the very yellow and very rare jacket at a Dead Rising 2 demo event during last year's Tokyo Game Show.

As detailed at Inside Games, Inafune took the stage to introduce Dead Rising 2's weapon customization component. This previously announced system lets you combine weapons.

To use the system, you must first collect Combo Cards. These can be found along walls and contain recipes for creating weapon combinations. Gather the listed "ingredients," and you'll be able to create new weapons at "work stands," which can be found here and there.

Past videos and screenshots have hinted as much, but the weapon combination system can lead to some bizarre weapons. Samples shown at the event include an oar with chain saws on its ends, a water gun and gasoline tank combo, and a bat and fishing hook combo.

According to Inside Games, the demo play shown at the event was quite violent. It was done using the North American version of the game. Hinting at a possible toning down for the game's domestic release, Inafune said: "The Japanese version might be different, but we'd like to release something as similar as possible to the North American version."

As previously announced, Dead Rising 2 is being developed in North America. Inafune commented on the international development process, noting that while there have been some communication difficulties, the Eastern and Western staffs are now able to communicate without need for a translator.

While not sharing a specific release date, Inafune hinted that there won't be too long a wait for the game. "We can't announce anything but 2010," said Inafune, "but development has progressed considerably, so I believe we'll be able to deliver it not too far off from Lost Planet 2."

Capcom announced a May 20 PS3 and Xbox 360 release date for Lost Planet 2 at the event.

Outside of the game introduction, Inafune announced production on a movie based around Dead Rising. You can read about that here.

Capcom also shared a few screens of the game, showing the North Strip area of the main Fortune City setting. The main point of interest in this area is the Yucatan Casino.

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