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Nintendo Expands Nintendo Zone Service

DS information terminals to appear at arcades and service stations.


Nintendo is expanding its Nintendo Zone download service beyond McDonalds and a few train stations. According to Inside Games, the service is now available at Game Panic arcades.

Game Panic is a nationwide chain of 19 arcade and amusement centers that's run by News, a company that's partially owned by Atlus. First opened in Tokyo in 2002, shops have since expanded to the Kansai area.

The Game Panic version of Nintendo Zone appears to offer services similar to other Nintendo Zones. DS users who bring their system to the arcades can download DS demos as well as Game Panic original content.

The service can be accessed from the Game Panic shops in Tokyo, Omiya, Shin Yokohama, Isawa, Adachi, Yamato, Tsukuba, Sakaishi, and Misato.

Inside Games also reports on an upcoming expansion for the Nintendo Zone service. Starting in February, Nintendo will take the service to highway service and parking areas. The service will operate under the name "DS de Dora Pura" (this can presumably be taken to mean "Drive & Play on the DS").

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