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Would You Like Some Sengoku Basara One Coin Figures?

Yes, you would. But you'll need more than one coin!


What's the deal with these "one coin figures?" If they're supposed to cost one coin, they certainly miss the mark, as each figure is ¥630. At the very least, they'd take 5 coins. Or you could use a ¥1,000 note. But then you'd get back lots of change -- at least 6 coins.

I don't know why they're called One Coin Figures. But the Sengoku Basara figures that Capcom announced today look like they're worth a lot more than one coin.

This is actually the third set of One Coin figures for the Sengoku Basara series. It includes figures for 10 generals, one of which is being kept a secret. Each figure is between 50 and 60mm tall.

Look for the figures at hobby shops and at e-Capcom this May.

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