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Your Super Street Fighter IV Packaging

Plus, what Ken's face looks like after a punch to the chin from friendly rival Ryu.


Here are your superior Japanese PS3 and Xbox 360 Super Street Fighter IV boxes:

Capcom shared these earlier this week, but I only now noticed that you can see Chun-Li's panties.

You can get this beautiful package (and the fighting game inside) on 4/28 for ¥4,990.

Here's a larger shot of that sweet collectors edition:

As previously detailed this includes a soundtrack CD with arranged theme songs for the Super SFIV characters, a promotional video collection with nearly every single PV made for SFIV and Super, and a character art collection featuring a Super SFIV mini story. This one is priced ¥5,990.

Here's what Ken looks like after taking it in the chin from friendly rival Ryu:

And here are some additional screens:

Finally, here's the main visual for Super Street Fighter IV:

I don't know why it's so tall.

Super Street Fighter IV was one of the games detailed at Tuesday's Capcom Title Premiere for Xbox 360 event. Producer Yoshinori Ono, also on hand to speak about Monster Hunter Frontier Online, gave attendees an introduction to the game.

As detailed in Impress Watch's report, Ono showed off four new modes for Super: Bonus Stages, Endless Battle, Team Battle and Replay Channel.

Replay Channel in particular looks like it's going to be a total time hole. This replay mode includes a variety of categories, including individual categories for each character. When you play Super while connected online, the game automatically downloads replays in the background. Said Ono, "Those who want to drench themselves in this title 24 hours a day, please collect battle replays in this mode."

One of the more surprising announcements from the press conference was that the 360 version of the game will exclusively include an anime from animation studio Gonzo. Here are some images:

From what I can see, Ono did not explain why exactly the anime is 360 exclusive. But the connection between Super and Microsoft may be even deeper than that.

A few weeks back, Capcom announced details on this year's Street Fighter IV national tournament. The Tokyo finals, set for April 4, will be using the arcade version of SFIV, but Super will make its domestic playable debut at the event.

The tournament is fully titled Xbox 360 X Capcom Presents Toushi Tsuikgeki Ken wo Kakero! Street Fighter IV National Tournament. That's right, Microsoft sponsorship! (I'm going to take a guess and translate all the Japanese in the middle of the name as Fighting Spirit Pursuit: Decide with Fists!")

I actually have a feeling that last year's tournament was sponsored by Microsoft too, as winners received an Xbox 360 system.

With Microsoft in the name this year, I wonder if the PS3 version of Super will be playable, or if only the 360 version will be on offer.

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