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Play Metal Gear Solid Piece Walker, Win Prizes

Konami bizarre promotional site could keep you busy until Peace Walker's March release.


Konami opened its Metal Gear Solid Piece Walker site as scheduled today. Players in both the Japanese and English speaking worlds (really, the only two worlds that count) can experience this bizarre part of the Peace Walker marketing campaign by visiting the site and selecting their language of preference.

So what exactly is an online jigsaw puzzle battle game? It's actually just like the name sounds. You and up to three other players work to complete a jigsaw puzzle, placing pieces as they're fed to you. You compete with your fellow players to place the greatest number of pieces.

If you're wondering what this has to do with Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, you need only visit the site for yourself. The site looks and sounds like a Metal Gear Solid game. The images you're completing all seem to be Metal Gear related. Oh, and the "pieces" that you place are actually guys running around in cardboard boxes.

It looks like Kojima Productions has assembled a solid amount of content for this Peace Walker promotional site, and more puzzles are set to be added in the future. Thankfully, you can register a username and password to save your progress.

Kojima Productions is planning a series of present campaigns for the site. The first campaign runs form January 28 through March 11. The top ranking 200 players will be entered into a drawing to win prizes that include 1 Peace Walker Premium PSP bundle, 5 Peace Walker Accessory Sets, 25 Peace Walker GelaSkins protect sheets, 10 Peace Walker Original Straps, and 10 TGS Pamphlet/Key Attachment Sets.

The presents are only available for Japan-based players. While the promotional site is available in English, it seems to, at present, be a promotion just for the March 18 Japanese release of Peace Walker rather than the international releases that will follow in May.

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