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Naughty BlazBlue Portable Bonus Items

The dirtiest thing about the PSP BlazBlue isn't the sprites.


Pre-order BlazBlue Portable at AmiAmi, and you'll get this:

Pre-order it at Magmani, and you'll get this:

Messe Sanoh or WonderGoo your thing? Then you'll get, respectively, this (left) and this (right):

Here's where you should probably make sure no one can see your monitor.

Buy from Sofmap, and you'll get this:

If you like it from behind, Imagine or Magical Garden will give you this:

And finally, our friends at Anipro Gamers will throw in this steamy bonus:

I have to admit, I don't actually know what these bonus items are. I think they may be telephone cards, but neither Arc's press release, nor the BlazBlue goods page, say for sure.

BlazBlue Portable hits on February 25. It has icky sprites.

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