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Konami Details AOU Show Lineup

Lots of Bemani in arcade show booth this year.

Konami's AOU 2009 booth had lots of Bemani too.

Konami has its typical Bemani-heavy lineup on the way for this year's AOU Amusement Machine Show event. The company disclosed an initial lineup today.

Video games include GuitarFrekasXG, Quiz Magic Academy 7, DanceDanceRevolution X2, Tenkaichi Shogikai, DrumManiaXG, Mahjong Fight Club Garyu Tensei and Jubeat Knit.

Medal games include InfinityRings, Millionet, Million Keeper, Fortune Trinity, Castlevania The Medal, TwinkleDrop and PanicPirates.

The company said to expect additional title announcements to follow at its AOU special site.

AOU will have a shorter showing this year, running just two days, from February 19 through the 20th. The 19th will be open exclusively to press and invited industry members. The 20th is open to the public.

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