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Gust Mystery Character is From Atelier Judie Remake

PlayStation 2 Atelier game being remade for the small screen.


PlayStation Portable's next Atelier series game will be a bit closer to series' tradition than the first one. Gust has announced an updated portable port of 2002's PlayStation 2 entry Atelier Judie: Alchemist of Gramnad.

In Atelier Judie, players take control of Judith Fortone, an alchemist who's time slipped forward from 200 years in the past. The fourth entry in the Atelier series, the title added adventure components to the series' item synthesis gameplay, something that would stick with entries to come.

The PSP version adds at least one new characterto the game. You might remember seeing the character in a greeting card that Gust sent out to the press earlier this year. Gust has not shared a name or profile. However, screenshots suggest that she's forgotten her name and may have lost her memory. Screens also show the character fighting along side Judith.

In addition to the character, Judie's world will be seeing some updates. Players enter the mysterious Factoa Shrine, which sees new traps and items each time you enter. The dungeon's size has been made many times larger for the PSP version.

Screenshots reveal a few additional changes. The game has been updated to full 16x9 support, with crisp icons and character sprites. Additionally, the game appears to support data install, which could mean reduced load times.

PSP owners can look forward to Atelier Judie on April 9 at ¥5,040. Pre-orderers will get a mini cloth showing the new character and an accompanying case.

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