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Super Street Fighter IV e-Capcom Version Sorta Kinda Revealed

Another special DVD and a command chart for e-Capcom buyers.


Super Street Fighter IV assistant producer Nakky hinted at an e-Capcom limited edition for the game earlier this week. We now have additional details thanks to a listing at the e-commerce site.

The details are somewhat vague at present, but the listing promises a special DVD and a command chart. Specifics will be announced in mid February.

It's unclear if the e-Capcom version will also include the bonuses from Super's more general Collectors Edition. As announced earlier this week, the Collectors Edition includes a soundtrack, video DVD, and "character art collection" booklet.

The e-Capcom listing does promise the same bonus costume pack that buyers of the standard and Collectors Edition will get.

Those who are set to pre-order can do so at the e-Capcom listing.

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