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New Pokemon Title Coming This Year

Diamond & Pearl followup now in development for DS.

Artwork from Pokemon Ranger Path of Light, the upcoming Pokemon spinoff title.

Pokemon announced today that it is currently developing a new main entry in the Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) series. The new game will be released for the DS some time this year.

This announcement concerns the main Pokemon titles rather than the various spinoffs like Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. With that in mind, this will be the first true new entry since 2006's Diamond and Pearl (HeartGold & SoulSilver were remakes).

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata first announced the new title during an investors meeting today. Pokemon, which publishes most of the Pokemon titles in Japan, later issued a statement of its own.

As relayed at Famitsu.com, the statement noted that the aim for new entries in the main series is to offer new Pokemon along with an adventure in a previously unseen land. The new title will also offer additional functionality and play elements and "will be an explosive hit that crosses the previous title."

A separate statement at the Pokemon official site noted that past DS Pokemon games have made use of the system's dual screen setup, touch screen functionality, and Wi-Fi support. According to this statement, the new title will add new forms of play and new Pokemon and will bring about a revolutionary rebirth to all areas of the series.

Details on the game content will be shared in future announcements.

According to the announcement page, this new Pokemon is being developed by Gamefreak, to be published by Pokemon and distributed by Nintendo. This is the usual setup for the main Pokemon games.

The Pokemon series has sold over 130 million units worldwide, according to Pokemon.

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