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Check out Josh and Excella in Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition

Plus, the latest development secrets from director Yasuhiro Anpo. Guess who was originally supposed to die?


Josh has mixed it up in hot interracial zombie fighting with Resident Evil veteran Jill. Now, he can have his way with Tricell Pharmaceutical Company African Branch president Excella Gionne.

Excella was announced a couple of weeks back as the sixth of eight characters being prepared for The Mercenaries Reunion, an updated Mercenaries mode that Capcom is working into Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition/Gold Edition. Her announcement came following Josh's announcement.

Now you can see both of these characters in action thanks to a couple of video clips that Capcom made available today. Watch as Excella calmly sticks a syringe into a zombie's neck and presses her heels on fallen zombies. Watch as Josh uses his immense physical strength to slam zombies to the ground.

I promised interracial zombie busting, but these two clips actually keep Excella and Josh separate (like it should be -- darn kids and their immoral race mixin'!)



Capcom also shared a few additional details on what's changed for Mercenaries Reunion. In addition to the character refresh, the mode is seeing balance adjustments. You'll still work through eight stages of play, but the enemy set has changed, and the combat has been made more intense. You'll also find additional special moves which become accessible when you use certain partner characters.

There also seems to be some changes to scoring on the way. Capcom hints that if you chain together a large number of attacks, you'll get something special with regards to score.

As usual for Fridays, the RE5 AE official site also saw an update today.

Outside of the above videos and screens, the main area of interest at the site comes from the latest Directors Note post. This week, director Yasuhiro Anpo discusses the Desperate Escape scenario.

Once again, Anpo manages to shares some surprising RE5 trivia. Did you know that Josh was originally set to die in the oil field area? He was saved from death when the game was switched to co-op play.

Josh originally served as Sheva's guide. He'd driver her boat for her. When they switched to co-op play, Josh accompanied Sheva for the fight against Ricardo Irving, and his character was revived in order to have him transport Sheva and Chris afterwords.

When the development staff was discussing Jill's escape scenario and they decided to have Jill play co-op with someone to escape, they decided upon Josh. After taking Chris and Sheva to the ruins, he returns to the BSAA home base. He gets the request for help, boards the helicopter and heads off to help Sheva. Along the way, he encounters Jill.

Anpo notes that Josh not only helped Jill and Sheva, but came to the aid of the development staff when they were in a pinch.

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