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New Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack Comes Exclusively on Vinyl

A first for the series, and a definite collectors item.


Square Enix is about to give the Final Fantasy series an unexpected first. The company announced today that an upcoming soundtrack for the game will be available exclusively as a 12 inch analog record.

Titled "W/F: Music from Final Fantasy XIII" (the "wf" is probably not what you think it is), the soundtrack includes seven songs from the recently released FFXIII Original Soundtrack as selected by composer Masashi Hamauzu. Additionally, the record will include a special version of Ragnarok Sans Pipe Organ. This was not included on the soundtrack.

The 8 tracks (is that what they're supposed to be called?) are:


  • 01: Amusement City Nautlius
  • 02: Fang's Theme
  • 03: The Sunleth Waterscape
  • 04: Touchan Funtou da!


  • 01: Pulse on Chocobo
  • 02: World Without Color
  • 03: Senkou
  • 04: Ragnarok Sans Pipe Organ

The record will be released on February 26, priced at 2,800. This is a limited single production run item that will be sold exclusively through the Square Enix e-Store. Pre-orders have already opened.

In announcing this product today, Square Enix noted that this is the first time Final Fantasy music has been offered on record. As such, they were good enough to include a couple of pictures showing what a record player looks like.

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