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No More Heroes Heroes' Paradise Delayed

Travis Touchdown won't be able to climb the ranks in HD until April.

No More Heroes is the third Marvelous title to be delayed these past two weeks.

Yet another delay to report for a Marvelous Entertainment game. Following delays for Harvest Moon's latest DS outing and PSP's Fate/Extra, the company announced today a delay for No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 HD remake of the original Wii No More Heroes game was originally scheduled for release on February 25. It will now arrive some time in April.

In a message posted at the game's official site, the company cited the old "various circumstances" as reason for the delay.

Heroes' Paradise ups the visuals on the original No More Heroes to HD and adds a number of new features, including a "Very Sweet Mode," which puts the entire female cast in bathing suits. Other additions include a free battle "Rebout" mode and a movie viewer.

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