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Dragon Quest VI Tops One Million

Hey look, it's a game with Dragon Quest in the title, and it's selling.

Dual screen support is just one of the new features for DQVI's DS remake.

This week, it was End of Eternity from frequent Square Enix partner tri-Ace versus Dragon Quest VI from Square Enix itself. It looks like Dragon Quest VI won.

Square Enix announced today that shipments for DQVI have topped the one million mark. The game was released on Thursday.

Dragon Quest VI is a DS remake of the third Super Famicom Dragon Quest game. For this first ever remake of the title, Square Enix has added a few new systems, wireless functionality, and a Slime-themed curling mini game.

The million shipped feat shouldn't come as a surprise, considering the DS remakes of DQIV and V, predecessors in a trilogy of titles that ends with VI, both easily topped the million sold mark.

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