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Sony Plans Michael Jackson PS3 Launch Events

Dancers and comedians welcome special bundle this weekend.


Sony's Michael Jackson "This is It" PlayStation 3 pack slipped quietly out to retail on Wednesday. But Sony does have some big weekend festivities planned to welcome the bundle.

Gamers in Tokyo and Osaka will can look forward to the following launch events this weekend:

  • 1/30: PlayStation Concept Shop at Yamada Denki Ikebukuro
  • 1/30: Yodobashi Camera Akiba
  • 1/31: PlayStation Concept Shop Joshin Denki Nihonbashi (Osaka)
  • 1/31: Bic Camera Nanba
  • 1/31: Yodobashi Camera Umeda

The events will see dance performances from dance group Discyu and an introduction to the PlayStation 3's functionality from comedian Dainao.

The PlayStation 3 Michael Jackson This is It Special Pack bundles a standard PlayStation 3 system with a copy of the This is It Blu-ray disc, all in a special box. The bundle is priced ¥33,500.

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