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These are your Dead or Alive Paradise Play Spots

On PSP, you can play with Rio.


Screenshots not enough to satisfy your Dead or Alive desires? Well then, how about some details to go along with those screens. They probably don't have to, but Tecmo does provide textual details with its media blasts, and I'm here to pass along the details that were shared with the latest screens from Friday.

The most click-worthy of the shots show off newcomer Rio in a variety of swimsuits. Rio may be a virgin in the fighting ring, but she's been around in the pachislot world thanks to her appearances in such series as Super Blackjack, Rio de Carnival and Rio Paradise. Tecmo refers to her as the pachislot world's number one idol.

In Paradise, she plays as a newcomer dealer. She's cheerful and energetic. Pet peeves? Tecmo didn't share that, but read on to learn how you can find out.

Rio will serve as your dealer when you head out to the game's casino. However, by clearing certain conditions, you'll be able to select her as your playable character alongside the 9 DOA babes.

She looks like she'll fit right in with the others.

In addition to the Rio character, Tecmo provided a look at some of the gameplay activities that you'll be able to take part in as you, playing as one of the girls, enjoy your time off on New Zack Island.

As one would expect of a series that started off as Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, one of the available activities is beach volleyball. You can team up with another girl to face off in two on two volleyball. Tecmo hasn't detailed the control scheme, but if past entries in the series are an indication, you won't need to pick up a manual.

Paradise also has the familiar Pool Hopping game (known in Japanese as the infinitely happier "Pyon Pyon Game"). In this game, you make the girl jump between floating buoys. You have to time your button presses and make sure to press the button written on the target buoy. Yes, the buoys will, for the first time, feature those iconic PlayStation controller shapes. Based on how long you press the button, you'll be able to make your character jump further.

When night comes around, you'll be able to head out to the New Zack Island casino. Games includes blackjack, poker, and slot machines. When playing blackjack, you'll face off against dealer Rio.

In the screen above, circle is hit, x is stand, square is double down and triangle is surrender.

Playing all these mini games can earn you Zacks, the currency used on New Zack Island. Using this currency, you can buy swimwear and other items. You can use these items on yourself (the in-game girl you control, that is), or you can present them to other girls.

The above screen shows the buying interface. The available swimsuits here are Ajisai, Fuji, Olive and Botan (I'm not sure how these are translated in the English version).

In the screen above, Kasumi asks Hitomi if she'll play. If Hitomi doesn't feel all that friendly with Kasumi, she'll refuse. To make sure that doesn't happen, you'll want to raise your favor rating with the girls by giving items and swimwear.

So how do you know what presents will make a girl happy? That's where the "Secret Guide Book" comes into play. The guide books include hints about the girls' likes and dislikes.

Outside of the play spots and gifting, you can select to just let your character walk around and interact with the girls. You (the player, who's probably a guy) can just sit back and watch, or you can make use of your camera for photography.

Paradise gives you access to a variety of cameras. You start off with access to a film-based "Retro Camera" model. Run out of film, and you'll have to purchase more before you can take more pictures. Eventually, you'll earn enough cash to purchase a high-end digital camera with unlimited space.

In the finder shot shown above you press R for the shutter. Circle toggles the finder on and off in case you just want to see the girl.

You can save your pictures to Memory Stick for use as backgrounds on your PSP. Additionally, you can create gravure movies by arranging together the scenes that you've snapped.

It would be pretty neat if Tecmo would also include a fighting mini game of some form, but that seems unlikely. Dead or Alive Paradise is all about the girls, and you can't very well have them beating up on one another.

A pillow fight mini game, however, would fit in perfectly.

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