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Japanese Stoked Package is Missing Key Information

Three of our game's eight pros have been removed. But we won't tell you which ones!


The Japanese version of Stoked saw release through Russell last week.

This is the box:

Looks like a pretty reasonable box for a snowboarding game. It's actually the same as the overseas packaging, but with an added red banner at the bottom.

The banner says: "The pro rider count has dropped to 5? As part of 'Sorry Price Down,' the price has become even lower."

In its overseas form, Stoked has eight pro riders: Travis Rice, Nicolas Mueller, Wolle Nyvelt, Annie Boulanger, Romain de Marchi, Tadashi Fuse, Gigi Ruef and Bjorn Leines. The Japanese version was originally announced to feature all eight, but in final form, this was dropped to 5. To make up for the drop, Russell lowered the price from ¥6,090 to ¥5,040.

Russell actually announced the rider and price cuts earlier in the month via a fax that was sent to retailers. The fax said that the riders were being dropped due to development issues.

It's great that Russell was so open about the drop in riders, both in the fax and on the box. But in both cases, they forgot to mention one thing: which of the eight riders got cut?

The back of the box doesn't help:

The text says that you can race against five pro riders. But the art shows all eight.

There's actually been some issues with Stoked's Japanese release all along. A good example is the game's official blog, which has a grand total of three posts:

When you have a post titled "second movie batch released," you make sure there's a post titled "first movie batch released!"

[Seen at Hachimaki]

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